My 4 P's: Plan

Planning isn’t always linear. Putting together a business plan is scattered with information that you put in some form of order that works for you both visually and organizationally. Most people think that this is a singular way to think. For me I use these tools in order to produce art. Art is such a broad term used by many. It also comes with some negativity when dealing with business. I work the two together. Business and art are not mutually exclusive. There are abstract ideas involved in both. There is research. There are materials. There is a pathway.


When I start a project, business or art, I always start the same way, with the abstract ideas. The basics help define how to put the plan together. Being playful and having fun is the best way for me to start. If I take myself too seriously nothing good comes out. But when I find inspiration in unlikely places, the hidden corners, the quick, and the impulsive. I’m able to expand on this and integrate it into the plan. 


Getting messy is my favorite and most successful way to defining what goes together and what doesn’t.  It means I've got tons of shit in front of me. It also means that I get to design a way to get into the process or strategy that will help achieve the end goal. But remember ideas are worthless until you implement them into a process and execute. Check in next week for my post about designing a process that works!