Project: "Hive" located at bold co-work, Sarasota, FL 2017

Composed of 108 hexagons, 54 rectangles, and over 200 metal foil leaves this installation welcomes you into the 5 story building in downtown Sarasota. The velvet was hand cut, dyed and stitched for the site specific installation creating soft textures. This piece was commissioned for the space and cannot be recreated in its entirety. It's special and one of kind for the Bold Co-work brand.

"Count Your Lucky Stars" suspended sculpture (Available for Purchase) Photo by  Katy Seymour

"Count Your Lucky Stars" suspended sculpture (Available for Purchase) Photo by Katy Seymour

Detail of discs "Count Your Lucky Stars" Photo by  Katy Seymour

Detail of discs "Count Your Lucky Stars" Photo by Katy Seymour

Temporary Commission: "Meta Apparition" at Shulman+Associates, Miami, FL

Miami Art Week 2017, showcase at Shulman + Associates in the Design District. The interior/outdoor experimental installation explored functional form and the interaction with people from a biological and psychological point of view. Each piece is handmade with the intention of exposing and hiding the original intention of the material. The obsessive nature of the handmade discs in "Count Your Lucky Stars" expresses the artist's labor of love for the work displayed.

Photographs by Katy Seymour

Photographs by Katy Seymour

Outdoor Cabanas: "Meta Apparition" at Shulman + Associates, Miami, FL

3 trapezoidal cabanas and 5 plinths were produced to create an environment for people during the opening night event. Places to sit and put your bag or drink down as you enjoyed music by DB Cooper. This playful environment was not to be taken seriously, but to be enjoyed exactly as it was displayed. Allowing people to touch and interact with art in a different way than the typical "do not touch the art" in a gallery setting.


Personal Work: "My Father's shirts" (NFS) Naples, FL 2017

Constructed based on the concept of the 40+ identical shirts in various colors my father owns, this piece began a new collection for Ariana. This wall construction was selected as a semi-regional finalist for the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series 2017. Composed of 35 wood triangles, hand cut, dyed and stitched velvet with additional felt and starched cheesecloth details.


Personal Work: "My Mother's Jewelry" (available for purchase) Miami, FL 2017

The second in the Identifying Characters collection. Shown for the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series at N'Namdi Gallery in Wynwood. Composed of 24 wood parallelograms hand cut, dyed and stitched velvet with cotton, watercolor paper, and decorative chain details.

"My Brother's Books", 2018 Velvet, thread, dye, coffee, watercolor paper, wool felt, typewriter text, and paint on wood structure

"Identifying Characters" Solo Exhibition, Mitchell GAllery at Englewood Art CEnter 2/3-3/1/2018

“Identifying Characters” is a series of wall constructions and sculptures based on conceptualizing people in Franco’s life. Each piece starts with a shape guided by 30 degree angles. Through pattern making, the wood and velvet material palette each gets defining details with additional materials that describe the person in her own way. The free standing kaleidoscopes represent people who have passed into the spirit world. Their personalized pattern can be viewed by looking through the peephole of the vessels, creating an intimate experience.

Exhibiton List

Wall Constructions: 

"My Father’s Shirts", 2017; "My Dog's Toys", 2018; "My Mother's Jewelry", 2017; "My Brother's Books", 2018; & "My Partner's Music", 2018


"My Postcards", 2018


Kaleidoscope No. 1 "Lunchbox: Christian Andersen, 1983-2008", 2018;

Kaleidoscope No. 2 "Snacks: Chad Michael Lee Hudson, 1987-2016", 2018;

Kaleidoscope No. 3 "DMC: Daniel Brice McClair, 1982-2017", 2018

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Collaborative Project: Alchemist x Luma visual, Miami, FL 2017

Alex of Luma Visual and I met in June and by July we had put together a collaborative project in my Miami studio. This experimental art installation consisted of 60 stacked hexagons I made which conceptualized column structures. I produced a backdrop and the suspended velvet ribbon to complete the piece. Alex projection mapped onto the sculptures and we produced all the color and textures digitally.